Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex is located in Huron Township, MI

Contact John Ottino at 734-355-8480 for more details

Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex



  • We offer car condos in a variety of sizes to suit your needs from 525 sq.ft. to 2400 sq.ft. All have 20 foot ceilings and will accommodate a second floor.
  • All condos can be custom built on the inside to meet your needs.
  • Condos can be purchased or do a three year lease.
  • Condos can be combined for custom sizes. You could have a drive through.
  • Each Condo has its own bathroom
  • Each Condo has its own heat and air-conditioning.
  • Each Condo has full utilities with 100 electrical amp service.
  • Each Condo has 14 foot insulated overhead doors.
  • Each Condo has floor drains.
  • Each Condo has finished and painted walls.
  • Each Condo has lighting.
  • All Condos are heavily insulated to keep utilities bills low.
  • Condo buildings have the latest in fire protection and security.
  • Our members can use the clubhouse.
  • Our members have access to an on-site oil recycle building.
  • There is a security fence all around the property with a signal security gate.
  • There is indoor storage building for trailers or R.Vís.


    The clubhouse will be 4000 square feet. Some of the planned features include a fireplace, a catering style kitchen, a large screen TV and a bar, with meeting rooms and patio overlooking the track.

    We offer you a chance to build your own garage and set it up the way you want.