Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex is located in Huron Township, MI

Contact John Ottino at 734-355-8480 for more details

Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex

Heritage Farms Motorplex Road Course Fees

(Estimated at this time)

Road course fees

    Weekday (Mon-Thurs), Full Day $4,500 Open test days members $200 non-members $350 per car. 8 car minimum

    Weekend (Fri-Sun), Full Day $5,500

    Weekday, Session or Half Day $2,500 (9 am to noon and 1pm to 4pm)

Additional Fees

    Ambulance $500 per day (mandatory)

    Fire / Rescue $500 per day (mandatory)

    Wrecker service $400 per day (mandatory)

    Corner Workers $125 per worker per day

Day Garages (30 x 30)

    Weekday (Mon-Thurs) Half day $200 Full Day $350

    Weekend (Fri-Sun), Full day only. $500 a day. $1200 all weekend.

All cars must meet all safety regulations and must be free of all leaking fluids. Track officials / owners have the right to refuse any car on track if deemed unsafe that includes driver and crew members.
Fees based on other road courses and are just an average.