Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex is located in Huron Township, MI

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Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex


  • What is Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex?
  • Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex is an automotive community that consist of custom garages and a 2.5 mile road course.

  • Where is Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex?
  • Heritage Farms Car Condos and Motorplex is not build yet, but will be located at I-275 and Sibley in Huron Township.

  • How does it work?
  • Car Condos come in different sizes and you choose which one is right for your needs. They range from 525 sq.ft. to 2400 sq.ft. And you can also put Condos together if you need more space. All have 20 foot ceilings and 14 foot overhead doors. Condos can be purchase or leased for 3 years. As a member, for a reduce rate, you have access to the clubhouse, indoor storage building, and the road course. You have 24/7 access to your Condo and you can work on your car or just hang out any time you want.

  • How much does a Car Condo cost?
  • Car Condos range from $150 to $165 per sq.ft. or $78,750 to $360,000 cost is based on size and location. A 1/3 deposit is required at time of sign-up. 1/3 at start of construction and 1/3 at move in. Price is subject to change without notice and does not include up-grades. Deposits are not refundable. A .20 cent per sq.ft. association fee for maintenance, landscaping, etc. And range from $105 to $480 per month.

  • What comes with a basic Car Condo? Here's the list:
  • *Finished and insulated inside and outside walls.
    *Lighting, heat and air condition.
    *All utilities with 100 amp. electrical service.
    *Floor drains.
    *Fully insulated floors and ceilings.
    *Insulated overhead doors with remote door openers.
    *State-of-the-art security and fire protection.

  • Are there any other fees?
  • Owners and leasees are to pay electrical and gas bills for their Condo. Taxís on the building will be prorated based on the square footage of space that you have.

  • Can I use the clubhouse?
  • Yes, all members can use the clubhouse on a first come first served basis for a small fee.

  • Can I get a larger Car Condo?
  • Yes, larger condos may be available at the time of build at an additional cost.

  • Can a club or group buy condos?
  • Yes, clubs or group can have a Car Condo.

  • Can I use the condo for other things?
  • Yes, itís your space as long as it is legal, no retail or paint and body work.